‘III’ is the new Damn Freaks  album. Elegant, pleasant and sometimes dark atmospheres mixed together. A perfect mix between rock and pop influences. In the lyrics we find that dark soul that makes this product different from the band’s previous creations. It’s a mix of hard rock and class metal, dazzling guitars and a powerful and melodic singer. The album reaches its peak halfway through. “My resurrection” takes you into a sea of strange agonizing sensations resolved by a pleasant but pressing refrain. Then “You ain’t around” can make you lose your mind and heal your soul by making you cry. Next is “Damn burning mercy”. A dark and at the same time hard rock track. You might think you’re listening to another album as the tune starts. And the same thing could happen when you start listening to “My time has gone”. This album gets to the heart and soul. Which is the only purpose of writing and playing music.

Damn Freaks were born in 2017 from an idea of the drummer Matteo Panichi who, together with the guitarist Marco Torri, shut himself up in the rehearsal room to record ideas to submit to his old singer and friend Iacopo Meille (Tygers of Pan Tang) with whom he had already recorded the Fools’ Moon album of the same name.
After getting the ok from Iacopo, Matteo contacted the last member of the group, bassist Claudio Rogai.
In the same year they released their first album (Damn Freaks) for the Danish label ‘Mighty Music’.
In November 2020, their second album ‘Love in Stereo’ came out with a new record label (Volcano Records).
Unfortunately, due to various restrictions related to the “pandemic”, they weren’t able to promote their latest effort live.
After a long reflective break, due to parallel projects, the band changed the line-up.
Matteo contacted the guitarist and producer Alex De Rosso (Dokken) with whom he composed new ideas.
Once ten new songs were selected and recorded together with Claudio, Matteo started looking for a new singer.
The long search fell on Giulio Garghentini (Dark Horizon) who, with his incredible voice, brings to the end the recording of the new album ‘III’ for the label ‘Andromeda Relix’


Bon Jovi, Dokken, Lynch Mob, Kiss
Band Line-Up:
Giulio Garghentini: Lead vocals
Alex De Rosso: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Matteo Panichi: Drums
Claudio Rogai: Bass